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Senior Product Manager (Network Security) (Remote in EU or US)



Posted on Friday, October 13, 2023
At Abusix, we are pioneers in remote work and thought leaders in fighting network abuse and cyber threats on a global scale. We have built an ecosystem that transforms security-related data into actionable information, contributing to a safer online environment.
OUR MISSION is to make the internet a safer place.
OUR VISION is to create a global platform for internet stakeholders to share relevant and actionable security data to solve online security issues as quickly and effectively as possible.
Your Role
As our first dedicated person in Product Management, you are a true leader in the field and eager to be hands-on involved in the job. You work remotely with our engineering and UX teams based in the EU and take ownership from day one by proactively getting input for the bigger picture of the Abusix product landscape and how it is intertwined. You roll up your sleeves and learn about our established products to understand the markets we operate in while setting up proper processes. After an onboarding time, you define and work on our future product strategy and support the expansion of the existing product-market-fit and marquee customer base. In this role, you report to the CEO, and work closely with our UX, Engineering, Sales, and Marketing teams, and contribute to the success of our company.

Your Impact

  • Collaborate with our UX and engineering teams specialized in various products to increase overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of our trajectory towards product-led growth and determine the necessary actions to sustain it.
  • Enhance and manage our security data platform to fuel user expansion, retention, and revenue generation.
  • Maintain oversight of interdependencies and coordinate tasks proactively to prevent any blockers.
  • Evaluate ongoing efforts and closely monitor KPIs to gauge and ensure success.
  • Create and implement efficient practices and processes in product management for enhanced structure and scalability.
  • Forge strong partnerships with marketing and sales teams to refine our product-market alignment.
  • Survey our array of tools and discern the most effective ones to streamline extensive projects into manageable tasks, fostering efficiency and progress.

Your Skills

  • Strong background in network security with a deep understanding of the market.
  • Experience in data processing automation like SIEM or SOAR is advantageous.
  • Several years of product management experience in at least two different organizations.
  • Background in growth, messaging, support, and marketing.
  • Proficiency in Lean Startup, Design Sprints, and Rapid Prototyping.
  • Experience in Start-up / Scale-Up environments.
  • Ability to take ownership and quickly grasp knowledge about our products.
  • Resourceful and innovative use of resources and funds.
  • Full professional proficiency in English, with proficiency in multiple languages being a plus.
  • Your core values match ours: ownership, collaboration, innovation, respect, and authenticity.

Your benefits

  • Impact, responsibility, and participation in an exciting business field.
  • Fast-paced high-tech B2B company environment.
  • Competitive pay according to your location and meaningful ESOP.
  • Medical, dental, vision, and 401k in the US.
  • Flexible remote workplace combined with a budget for home office equipment or co-working space membership contribution.
  • Learning and development budget to help you develop the skills you want and need.
  • Flexible working hours and generous PTO policy.
  • Awesome team members you can rely on and who support your growth and success in your new role.
  • Additional benefits based on your location such as medical, dental, vision, and 401k in the US.

Our main values

  • Ownership - Everybody takes responsibility, accountability, and initiative to ensure the success and well-being of the organization and its goals.
  • Collaboration - We help each other to be great because we genuinely believe that we are stronger together as a team.
  • Innovation - We love to challenge the status quo and want our people to be brave and embrace failure in a safe environment.
  • Respect - Our daily interactions are guided by respect for each other, our customers, and the environment. This entails treating all individuals fairly, considering their diverse perspectives, and maintaining professionalism in interactions.
  • Authenticity - We are genuine, honest, and true to our personalities and values, we have fun at work, and don't take ourselves too seriously to foster trust and transparency.
Abusix is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and diversity of all kinds is important to us.
Our team focuses on creating an inclusive environment for all people. We welcome people from all different backgrounds and currently employ startup founders, college graduates, students from all over the world, and coding academy graduates.
We are actively and regularly working with the entire team to shape our culture in a conscious way towards our ideal of empowerment, transparency and kindness.
Privacy is a top priority for Abusix. We build it into our products and view it as essential to our business. Please view our candidate privacy policy to understand more about the data we collect and process as part of your application.