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Security Consultant



Administration, IT
Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2024
Information and Data are some of the most important organizational assets in today’s businesses. As a Security Consultant, you will be a key advisor for IBM’s clients, analyzing business requirements to design and implement the best security solutions for their needs. You will apply your technical skills to find the balance between enabling and securing the client’s organization with the cognitive solutions that are making IBM the fastest growing enterprise security business in the world.

Your Role and Responsibilities
Cybersecurity rapid response team members will be responsible for quickly responding to and mitigating cybersecurity incidents for client entities.
The following are examples, but not limited to, of the functions required:
● The cybersecurity experts shall quickly deploy and respond to cyber incidents;
● Shall analyze the incidents, gathers evidence, determine and implement the mitigation measures;
● Build and maintain relationships with strategic partners
● Support clients with IR preparation, IR plan tests, sharing threat intelligence


Required Technical and Professional Expertise

1) 6+ years cybersecurity experience (with a masters degree) or 10+ years cybersecurity experience
2) Proficiency in cybersecurity tools, techniques, and frameworks used for incident detection, analysis and response;
3) Strong understanding of networking protocols, operating systems, and common security vulnerabilities;
4) Experience with digital forensics techniques to gather evidence reconstruct incidents and support investigations
5) CISSP certification

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

1) Experience using fly away kits to perform Incident response efforts
2) Ability to support incident response and recovery via remote or in person
3) Creating reports and analysis of incident response efforts to summarize the outcome to senior leaders
4) Ability to obtain a US Government security clearance